There’s a Bear! WHERE? Over there!! : A Has nothing to do with anything Post


I am certain that my great-grandparents are finding my heart-pounding excitement incredibly amusing.  But we in suburbia do not get wild beasts bigger than woodchucks or more troublesome than rabbits.  So the sighting of the resident Mama Bear, reported to be parenting two cubs, is a source of glee and concern.  Birds call frantic alerts.  Parents hustle little kids off swings.  Deck-bound neighbors share amazed exclamations and lawn-cutting husbands are alerted to potential company–after a few documentary shots.  

I Got a Smart Phone and It Made Me Dumb: Tech Tuesday

I got a Blackberry Bold smart phone.  This snazzy handheld device replaced my old Samsung flip-top with its limited functionality–cumbersome SMS messaging, teeney tiny camera and so so call quality.

The message, ma’am.  Just the message.

NOW I have a multi-tasking toy!  I send messages by SMS text which pulls on the voice plan.  I text messages by Blackberry Messenger (BBM) which pulls on the data plan.  I check and respond to my emails, and I update my facebook status.  Anywhere there is a Verizon-friendly tower I can tether my smart phone to my smart computer and download maps that I can actually read or upload my cemetery Blackberry-captured photos straight to my footnote pages.  No more hunting for the nearest WiFi hotspot! I can have internet access anywhere I roam!

And I find myself growing increasingly annoyed by the ring tone, ignoring it, forcing real voices to leave messages to be retrieved later or convert their sounds into megabytes of text for immediate consumption.

What’s this?

I bought a smart phone and it made me dumb.