Fall Color: Field of Gold

Let’s just clear the air, so to speak.  What follows does not make you sneeze.  No.  The culprit behind fall sneezing and wheezing is ragweed.  This beautiful specimen of Salidago rugosa, Rough Stem Goldenrod, is loving our cool, dry early fall.  Its downy stems are reaching heights of up to five and six feet, and its buttery rays buzz with honey and bumble bees way into the dusk, when I slip into the field of gold.

Goldenrod September Goldenrod jungle

Fall Color: Large Tolype Moth

Large Tolype Moth.1

Large Tolype Moth on Oak

Large Tolype Moth on oak

Large Tolype Moth on oak


*Identified with help from Butterflies and Moths of North America website: http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/species/Tolype-velleda

The Seasons Turn : Photo Friday

Today is the first day of Fall 2011 and here in northeastern Pennsylvania it is reliably gray and damp.  A hint of color perked me up, though.  Grabbing my camera I raced to beat the torrential rain and captured these early signs of season’s turning.

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The Board of Education: (almost) Wordless Wednesday

I started today with a quick hunt through my Donald C. Minor Postcard Collection for depictions of rain or autumn or late summer or school.  My grandfather received this gem from a friend who signed him/herself as HM.

What a strange card for one child to send to another!