Rowlett-Dodson Wedding

Sarah Jane Rowlett and James Henry Dodson were married in 1844 by the Rev. John B. Smith. Contemporary accounts describe the reverend as a fiery evangelist, and the churches with which he was associated 1830-1846 had several “Gracious Revivals of Religion.”  The wedding of Sarah and James was held at the time Rev. Smith was pastor of Concord Baptist Church, and since this church was not far from the Dodson place (now on Hunter’s Lane) I imagine the couple exchanged their vows in this community meeting house.  In attendance, perhaps, were the groom’s parents, Edward and Mary (Green) Dodson, and siblings William Edward, John Lewis , Mary Frances, Minerva, and Benjamin F; the bride’s mother, Rebecca (Edward Short) Rowlett, and her half-sister’s son, William G. Coleman; along with the odd aunt and uncle.  James, age 29, would have taken this 18 year old wife to help manage his growing estate, and together they would raise 10 children, including Rebecca Eulelia.

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