Edward Dodson Vouches for Rebecca Rowlett, 1840

Virginia: Mecklenburg County to wit:

I Edward Dodson a Justice of the peace in the County aforesaid, do hereby certify that I was well acquainted with said William Rowlett and Rebecca his wife, both of whom sometime in the year 1833, removed from Chesterfield to Mecklenburg County. That said william Rowlet in his life time, often mentioned to me that he was a soldier of the Revolution, and that he made an application for a Pension in the county of Chesterfield. That his Pension Certificate never had been received by him.  That since his death, I know that due search and inquiry has been made to recover the came.  That said William Rowlet died in the County of Mecklenburg the 2nd day of June, 1839, and that the said Rebecca Rowlet is his widow, and still remains his widow.

Ewd  Dodson JP

Source: Revolutionary War Pension application #26412

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