Wedding Wednesday: The Marriage of Marilyn and Norman

This yellowed newspaper announcement was carefully preserved by a relative, and sent to me when they cleaned out their clutter.  Fortunately.  My parents divorced when I was a young adult, and their wedding momentos became casualties of the fight.  I am grateful to pack rats who unload their goodies to subsequent generations of pack rats.  And to those of you who are divorced, a tiny plea to preserve memories of your relationship’s beginnings.  Someday your children and grandchildren will want to see where they came from.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: The Marriage of Marilyn and Norman

  1. What a fine memento, Kay! And a thought-provoking message. Roses and ferns, linen and rhinestones, and total family involvement. A whiff of the past.

    Tom and Lucia and Tim and I will give Thanks at Carey’s house this year. Tim noticed that Carol’s family will be out of town and asked me to ask Carey if we could extend the invitation to include her. Aren’t we growing up nicely?

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