Postcard Advent Calendar, December 20: Christmas Greetings from Ralph

S.T. and Company, No. 841, Printed in Saxony

Bluebirds perch on a sprig of holly to send their Christmas greetings in this seventh card of my Minor Postcard Advent Calendar. Floating in the sky with our passerine friends are other symbols of the season–a golden horseshoe and sprigs of mistletoe and holly.  You could cover a lot of bases with this card, sending good tidings for  Christmas AND good luck for the New Year!  The publisher’s symbol appears on the back:  a winged ball containing the letters S.T. and Co.  In addition, it is noted that the card is No. 841 and printed in Saxony.

My grandfather, Donald Corbly Minor, received this card from his friend, Ralph of South Connellsville, Pennyslvania, December 20, 1910.  Young Ralph, in a confident cursive, wrote:

Hello Donal How are you what do you want Santa to bring you I want a gun but mama says I can not have it so I will haft to take what ever I get.  Your friend Ralph.

Poor Ralph.  The year before he wanted skates, but his mama was afraid to let him have those, too!

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