Map Monday: Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 1897


Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, 1897



Source:  LC Zoom Viewer – Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania, 1897. Drawn by T. M. Fowler..




AFTER writing all Advent season about the postcards sent to my grandfather, Donald Corbly Minor, from 1906-1910, I wondered how the town of Waynesburg–a frequent postmark–would have appeared as his family and friends went about their lives. Visiting the Library of Congress’ digital collection I found myself wandering through the map collection, one click at a time.  Among the Map Collection of Cities and Towns I found this panorama of 1897 Waynesburg.  Donald was still in God’s pocket and Helen was just a young girl when this map was drawn, but I feel sure it is a window into the geography of my ancestors’ lives.  Robert and May Stephenson Minor would have come from Girards Fort in the east crossing Ten Mile Creek at the covered bridge pictured here or at a bridge farther upstream off this map. Once in town the family could visit friends, pick up mail, or purchase dry goods before returning to the farm on Ceylon Road.

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