Roaring into the Roahrig Past: Wordless Wednesday

Jean George and Eve Gerling Roahrig emigrated from Alsace, France around 1847. Among the family members making this journey was their son Frederick, born in 1827.  He married Elizabeth Lapp, daughter of German immigrants Henry and Magdelena Zimmer Lapp, on 06 April 1849 in Muskingum County, Ohio.  John Roahrig, the eldest of their eleven children was born on 21 September 1849. He married Matilda Klein, daughter of German immigrants Johann Jacob and Catherine Moser Klein, on 19 October 1871 in Muskingum County, Ohio.  They moved to a farm near Plainfield, Coshocton County, Ohio and raised nine children, including my great-grandmother, Kathryn Elizabeth Roahrig Bradford, born 28 February 1883.

Today’s wordless treasures of my great-grandmother’s parents and grandmother were taken in the 1880s, I believe.  Photo detectives, what do you think?

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The photographs and documents of Elizabeth Lapp Roahrig, and John and Matilda Klein Roahrig are shared courtesy of family historian, Doug Kreis.

3 thoughts on “Roaring into the Roahrig Past: Wordless Wednesday

  1. I was led to your blog after you commented on mine. I’ll be very interested in exploring your blog further, as I love some of the tools and techniques that are a part of it. I love the photoshow you’ve incorporated right into you blog.

    I’m curious, how did you find mine? That post with the song “True Love” has turned out to be pretty popular — much to my surprise. It seems to have struck a chord — pardon the pun.

    • Thanks to wandering into my day! I was led to your “True Love” post by a comment you left on NolichuckyRoots, a blog I follow. HA! Small world…made smaller with Geneabloggers!! I look forward to trading tips!

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