I, Daddy, Pledge That You, Son, Can Have This Land Someday Soon: Amanuensis Monday

By 1854 Abia and Robert Minor were married with families, living on the Harrison County land that John P. Minor purchased from James P. and Rowena Wilson in 1841 and 1842.  With this document it becomes clear that John P. Minor still held the deed to the land, in spite of the intention to convey ownership to them as expressed in the 1849 unexecuted deed.

It’s as if he had said:

~~You can have this land, fee simple, free and clear, in your name to do with it what you want and when you want–eventually.  Once you have established yourselves as fine upstanding, self-sufficient men, we will take care of that pesky legal work.  Don’t you worry, son.


Whereas I own in Harrison County State of Virginia on Simpsons Creek five hundred and seventy five acres of land; on which there is now residing Abia and Robert Minor my sons; and whereas I have always intended to give and deed unto said Abia and Robert Minor my sons three hundred and twenty acres over of said tract of five hundred seventy five acres of land.  This is to certify that I bind, pledge and obligate myself to deed to said Abia and Robert Minor my sons the above mentioned three hundred and twenty acres of land to be theirs fn fee simple for their use and behoof to be liable for their contracts etc.  and whereas said Abia Minor has been elected High Sheriff of said Harrison Co and state of Va. thereby affirm that I make the above deeds for the better securing the bails of said Abia Minor: now said deeds are to be made in accordance with my last will and testament in this particular, to wit, free egress to and from the balance of the tract of five hundred and seventy five acres of land and also the use of the coal banks on said lands.  I bind myself to make said deeds in the course of six or twelve months.  In confirmation of the above I hereby sett (sic) my hand and seals this Ninth day of June one thousand eight hundred and fifty four

sealed and delivered in the presence of

A.E. Carson             I. W. Hathaway                         John P Minor



~~Oh, and by the way, I will always be able to come and go across this land as I see fit, and I will always have access to the coal in them hills.

😉    Daddy


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