The Easter Bunny

Happy Easter!

This illustration of the Easter Bunny was found in the postcard collection of my grandfather, Donald C. Minor, and is one of my very favorite Easter Greetings.

This white rabbit sets out to spread Easter joy bearing an egg-shaped knapsack full of violets, a Victorian symbol of faithfulness and love.  Dressed for hiking long distances, our rabbit pairs woolen breeches tailored for his tail with a white shirt and vest.  A Fedora and cravat sets off his jaunty suit.  In one hand paw he holds a walking stick, and in the other a German porcelain pipe, as if he just removed it from his mouth and is now set to burst into song:

I love to go a-wandering
along the mountain track.
And as I go I love to sing,
A knapsack on my back.

Lyrics:  The Happy Wanderer, camp song

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