In Honor, In Memory: Memorial Day 2011

Someday, when the lion lies with the lamb and neighbors everywhere love their neighbor, we humans will no longer need soldiers.  But on this day I call to mind all those who died serving a greater cause; all those who witnessed the horror of war, returned home and lived their lives with grace and courage; and all those who set out today, on my behalf, to defend and protect our nation’s freedoms.

Abia Minor                                 Pennsylvania                  Revolutionary War

William Rowlett                           Virginia                           Revolutionary War

John Bradford                            Virginia                            Revolutionary War

William Wills Green                   Virginia                           Revolutionary War

John Pearson Minor                 Pennsylvania                      War of 1812

Greene Dodson                           Virginia                               Civil War

Ira Sayles                                  New York                              Civil War

Anderson Strickland              North Carolina                       Civil War

George Strickland                    Virginia                                World War I

Sidney Strickland                    Virginia                                  World War II

Clifford Strickland                   Virginia                                 World War II

Michael Strickland                   Alabama                                  Vietnam War

John Minor                             Pennsylvania                           Vietnam War

Michael Hanlon                   Pennsylvania                         Currently Serving

(my daughter’s childhood friend since Kindergarten)

On one day we stop to remember the courage and sacrifice of these Americans, and the support and perseverance of their families.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “In Honor, In Memory: Memorial Day 2011

    • I found the exercise of gathering my family’s veterans very humbling, sobering. I hope you are able to do the same next year; I think you will find the remembrance very meaningful.

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