Bringing in the Turkeys: (almost) Wordless Wednesday – Vintage Postcard #2

This series digitizes a set of postcards collected by my grandfather Donald C. Minor from 1906-1910. Born in Greene County, Pennsylvania in 1902, Donald was the youngest son, youngest grandson and youngest cousin of the Francis Marion and Mary Jane Gwynn Minor clan.  His parents, Robert and May Stephenson Minor, sent cards from their travels; his older sister, Helen, sent cards while she was attending school in nearby Waynesburg; aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends sent photocards and holiday greetings from all over the United States with great regularity.  The resulting Postcard Collection is both a family puzzle and a cultural window to the world of Donald Minor during the first decade of the twentieth century.

Postmarked Tama, Iowa, November 22, 1910

 Aunt Sarah Minor Herrington McClure sent this Thanksgiving greeting to eight year old Donald while visiting her daughter, Beatrice Jane Herrington, in Tama, Iowa.

Donald you would lik (sic) the baby here I no (sic) he will let you do most anything for him.  your Aunt Sarah 

The card itself is not very fancy.  The image is off centered and the illustration fuzzy.  I can not find a printer trademark or an indication of who contracted its publication.  Nonetheless I find this picture charming.  A farmer’s child is dressed for the holiday, sporting a patriotic neckerchief.  Walking down the path toward us, his company, the boy is distracted.  He better watch his cornbread or that pair of Eastern Wild Turkeys will take it straight away!!

Postmarked Tama, Iowa, November 22, 1910

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