Fairy Princess Anna Florette – Halloween c1911

This Fairy Princess is actually my grandmother, Anna Florette Sayles Strickland (1901-1981), dressed for her ninth or tenth Halloween celebration, or so I thought as a child.  Now I gaze at this photograph in awe of the craftsmanship and wonder who claimed the title of its seamstress? What was on the materials list? Was the character taken from a storybook, and if so, which one?  And why was a formal portrait taken of my favorite fairy princess?

5 thoughts on “Fairy Princess Anna Florette – Halloween c1911

  1. Hey, this is also one of MY favorite family photos!! To me, this photo REALLY shows how much Daddy looks like Grandmother!! It’s also where the boys all probably got their wavy hair — plus, me, too!! Thanks for posting this, Kay!! Norma-Jean

    • Isn’t it a great image? She was many years younger than her half-siblings and often described her childhood as lonely. I wonder if her look conveys a bit of the wistfulness for company and fun. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments!

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