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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Lots of love~Daddy

Sheets of rain draped my house as I set about sorting a stack of old books.  The family treasures frequently double as time capsules, their margin scribbles hinting at ancestors’ personalities and thoughts.  Every so often a careful gleaning reveals tucked newspaper clippings, forgotten photographs and hidden notes. A Spanish American Life, my mother’s college reader, rewarded my page flipping with a postcard!

My grandfather, Donald Minor, mailed this note in mid-May, 1951, to arrange for my mother’s return from Houghton College at month’s end.  The family schedule sounds remarkably similar to plans I made with my own college kids.  And his observations of the weather could have been made on just this day:

“My how it rains — We don’t have thing in the garden and no corn ground plowed.”



By Kay Strickland

I am a keeper of my family's lore, chasing after my ancestors' tales in south central New York, southwestern Pennsylvania and Southside Virginia. The stories and photographs that I share on this blog are my intellectual property. While I do my very best to provide well researched posts, I do not pretend to have reached genealogical proof standards. Therefore, much of this work is to generate conversation among interested parties. If you would like to share my work or my records, please contact me: dkaysdays (at) gmail (dot) com.

2 replies on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Lots of love~Daddy”

I must admit, each time I find a postcard or letter I sit down and write to my kids. Like write on paper with pen. Now, if only they will save the notes!!! 😉

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