Fall Color on Fence Post

I love where I live, though I leave a fairly large carbon footprint to embrace all that I love.  Every second and fourth Saturday throughout the growing season, I tune into Car Talk and travel to Covered Bridge Road, Orangeville, Pennsylvania.  To market, to market, to market I go!!!  My favorite vendors include the folks of Forks Farm, host to up to two dozen local organic farmers, bakers and friends.  Free range poultry, grass fed beef and pork, eggs, fresh cheese, scrumptious goodies, squash and greens and garlic and potatoes….AND the most beautiful scenery year round.  Last Saturday I shot as many photos as I could, believing that the approaching Frankenstorm would tear the remaining fall color from branches.  One of my most favorite shots, however, was this lovely lichen atop the cows’ fencepost.  

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