Ready! Set! NO!!!!: Family History Writing Challenge


My countdown calendar fairly shouts at me.  My brain feels like a tangled, sticky mess of dates, lists, register reports, and story ideas.  I have dutifully completed the interactive tutorial with Scrivener, a wonderful writers-specific word processor, and entered an outline for my project, Reconstructing Ira Sayles.  The thought of confronting the dazzling blankness of the editor page tomorrow reduces my keyboard activity to just characters per hour.  AUGH!!!! My wonderful stories are trapped inside my brain, struggling against the mind web, getting ever more buried into its fibers.

I must remember my promise, first articulated by Lynn Palermo, the host of this crazy challenge.  Confront the page, one bit at a time.  The day’s results don’t have to be great prose.  Though I would love to provide Ira admirers with a complete narrative – someday – the best outcome of this next month may not be measured by my word count.  The final result may be the habit of daily writing.

And that addition to my life will ultimately be more wonderful than even the story of Ira Sayles.


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