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Spring Real Estate Boom: Garage Owner Declines Developer’s Offer

Carolina Wren nest1I swear I left the door open for just a couple of hours, as I tended the garden and the dogs.  Swoosh! at my head came a LBB, the bane of a birder’s existence while in the field.  Little Brown Bird is the go-to scientific identification for all sorts of sparrows and wrens that so closely resemble each other that only intense field scrutiny can resolve the question – what did I just see.  So on that afternoon, the swiftness of flight and my startled response to a bird flying back to front out of my garage left me with but one conclusion: I had an LBB trying to nest in my garage.  IN my garage.

I do not want the interior of my house or even my garage becoming a site of passerine development and I immediately searched the space in front of my headlights.  Yep.  There it was. Tucked high above my reach on a decrepit sheet of burlap, woven bits of leaf litter, moss, twigs created a shallow cup in the shelf corner.  Clue number one that Little Brown Bird was a wren.  

Clue number two was heard as I tended flower beds and dogs, garage door CLOSED, the next day:  teakettle-teakettle-teakettle. The chunky little brown bird darted into a nearby pine shrub, and perched with its tail held high. Clue number three.


Now I was certain that a Carolina Wren sought my garage shelf for development.  I kept the garage door closed, for the next day or two,surely long enough, I thought, to encourage this picky wren to seek other marvelous real estate in my wooded property.

Yesterday, I once again kept the garage open, as I tended the garden and the dogs.  Life was easy.  For everyone. Including my Little Brown Bird.

Suffice it to say, I removed the nest before this development had gotten too far.

May I suggest, LBB, my hanging fern?

Carolina Wren Wannabe Nest

By Kay Strickland

I am a keeper of my family's lore, chasing after my ancestors' tales in south central New York, southwestern Pennsylvania and Southside Virginia. The stories and photographs that I share on this blog are my intellectual property. While I do my very best to provide well researched posts, I do not pretend to have reached genealogical proof standards. Therefore, much of this work is to generate conversation among interested parties. If you would like to share my work or my records, please contact me: dkaysdays (at) gmail (dot) com.

2 replies on “Spring Real Estate Boom: Garage Owner Declines Developer’s Offer”

Yes, I thought it was one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture that I have ever seen!

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