Earthworms are being pecked out of the ground at an astonishing rate, judging from the robin beaks I have seen today.  Hungry mouths are waiting.

Robin nestling
Robin nestlings, less than week old. Adults not on nest or in general vicinity. Temperature 83*F. Shot with Nikon D300sA 1/30 F 16 ISO 1000 200mm.

7 thoughts on “Please. May I Have More?

    1. Thanks! I was super lucky. The babes thought my camera’s click was the worm provider!

    2. WordPress won’t let me reply to your reply?!? But, thanks! It would be grand for you to share, as long as I am credited. I appreciate your support!

      1. I will use your own twitter button, so there will be a link to your blog. I just want more people to see this amazing picture:)

  1. Aww, sweeties! Hoping the adult comes back??!?! My sister has a nest out her kitchen window too. ‘Tis the season! Great shot Kay!

    1. The parents are never far away…I just couldn’t see them. Worm hunting is a constant job!! 🙂

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