John Peirson Minor, Jr. (1852-1922), Greene County, Pennsylvania

John Peirson Minor, Jr. (1852-1922), Photograph by Thomas W. Rogers, 1888-1890. From the Minor Family Album, archives of the author.

This full portrait was taken by Carmichaels (Pennsylvania) photographer, Thomas W. Rogers. The back of the ivory cardstock is covered entirely by an ornate pattern of pale, overlapping circles with Mr. Roger’s business information in elaborate black typeset–a design popular from 1888-1900. The middle-aged man parts his pomaded hair on the side and sports a walrus mustache, two additional clues that the photo dates to the late 1880s. The man appears to be in his late thirties, and shares features with a young man identified in an 1874 photograph as John P. Minor, my great-grandfather’s eldest brother. I think it highly likely that this portrait is of John Pierson Minor (1852-1922).

By Kay Strickland

I am a keeper of my family's lore, chasing after my ancestors' tales in south central New York, southwestern Pennsylvania and Southside Virginia. The stories and photographs that I share on this blog are my intellectual property. While I do my very best to provide well researched posts, I do not pretend to have reached genealogical proof standards. Therefore, much of this work is to generate conversation among interested parties. If you would like to share my work or my records, please contact me: dkaysdays (at) gmail (dot) com.

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