The Final Pages

The final pages of the Minor Family Album hold photographs of children, none are identified, one looks familiar.  Together they present a plate of youthful Victorian fashion from the closing decades of the 19th century.  Separately they tell stories, even as the personalities remain cloaked in anonymity.  I hope you will return to this space as I reveal the hidden meaning of a photographer’s imprint and point out clothing clues that help family historians “age” the subject.  Play a game of “I Spy” as you examine the portrait for the photographer’s equipment or count the ribbons on a toddler’s velvet dress.

I look forward to hearing your reactions in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “The Final Pages

  1. If one was to number the photos from left to right, I would guess that #3 is Flossie Titus ?. I think that the boys in #1. #7, #8 are the same but at different ages. I am suprised by the buzz hair cuts, though. A little freakish. #2 could be #7 a year or two older. The little girl #6, looks like she is more in costume than her clothing. She matches up with the little boy in the “trio” picture. Finally, 1, and 8, have Marion’s nose and ears.

    • Thanks for examining these photos!

      I would agree that #3 is a toddler Florence “Flossie” McClure, or Flossie Titus as you and I knew her.

      I will know better after further research, but my initial reaction is that #8 is an earlier photo than the others, and that 7 and 9 may be the same individuals later on.
      I have another photo of #1, outside of the album, at a later date, and he looks exactly the same as he does in this photo.

      I sure hope that lots of Minor folks find these pages and that someone out there recognizes these young people!!

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