Wisdom Wednesday: 100>99

Within the last week I read an article about commitment, or rather keeping a commitment.  In sum, the author stated that it is easier to practice your craft or hone your skill, develop new habits and deepen your spiritual practice if you commit 100%.  No creeping “well, just this once I won’t take my binoculars” or “I’ll get to the writing tomorrow.”

So I am committed to this experiment.  If I write every day on this blog or on my work-in-progress Shared Legacy narrative (more on that later), no excuses, will the writer’s block melt?  If I take my binoculars or camera everywhere I go, will I  spend at least a few minutes mindfully every day?  And if I write and deeply look at my world, will I find myself energized and engaged?

What have you, dear reader, decided to commit 100% to?  What tricks did you develop to hold yourself accountable?



Birding by kayak, with camera AND binoculars. Not seen in this shot, the Great Blue Heron fishing off to my right.  Later on I watched a Green Heron play hopscotch on bank-roots.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday: 100>99

  1. My Dad was a list maker and I’m a list maker, so maybe I inherited that from him. Sometimes the lists are overly ambitious and items get carried over to the next list. One of my bosses called his lists “his paper brain”. But the items on the list are just tasks. I need to include those things I should be doing each day like being thankful, being focused on what is important and let the other stuff fall away, being mindful.
    Great vanishing point on the photo, by the way.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I make lists too, and I have taken to making an aggregate week list that includes checkmarks for stuff that I love.

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