5 thoughts on “Winter Boogie

  1. As one of your cousin clicks, I’m thrilled to see you writing your blog again. You have helped me tremendously in finding my Greene County PA family. Kirke

    • Hi Kirke!! I am so happy to hear from you, and especially delighted to know that my work has been useful to you! What information or topic would you like me to visit in the New Year?!

      Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. One subject that comes to mind is the Minor family mills and boat yards. The subject keeps coming up as I do my history reading about the area. I haven’t kept track but it feels like they had several mills – at Mapleton, at Greensboro and on Redstone near Uniontown. I assume they ground grain, sawed wood, and operated supply houses. Did Samuel operate the mill on Redstone?

    By the way, after plowing thru much wrong information I have concluded that my Theophilus Minor was the son of Samuel’s brother William. Theo married his brother William’s widow, Elinor Phillips, after William drowned at a boat yard. Several years later Elinor died, Theo married a widow named Jane and they moved to Monroe County, Ohio.

  3. The mills were not run by my direct ancestors, and I don’t have any information to speak of. What generation Samuel operated the mill on Redstone?

  4. The three brother group I’m studying operated mills before the Revolution. I don’t know that Samuel, who lived in Fayette County, was a miller. His brothers John and William were in Greene. John is known as the “Father of Greene County”. All three were active in the Revolution. So much for mills. I’ll think of other topics.

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