Random Thoughts

Move Into The Week: With Anticipation

Young Fledgling
Recent American Robin fledgling waits patiently for parent delivery of  Wiggly Food™.

This time of year I can wander my yard, equal parts naturalized woodsy, goldenrod-filled meadow, and human-cultivated garden, and hear the earth’s pulse.  A Tufted Titmouse song peals over the trees, setting up territory for one more clutch.  Soft coos drift between Mourning Dove mates, one on nest, the other on roof.  And high pitched whistles drift among leaf rustles, feathered ventriloquists hiding their fledged selves from two and four legged threats.  The robins have had another successful clutch emerge  into my private preserve.  One short-tailed fledgling remained composed as I gingerly captured her wait.  I anticipate a week of new generation sightings.

By Kay Strickland

I am a keeper of my family's lore, chasing after my ancestors' tales in south central New York, southwestern Pennsylvania and Southside Virginia. The stories and photographs that I share on this blog are my intellectual property. While I do my very best to provide well researched posts, I do not pretend to have reached genealogical proof standards. Therefore, much of this work is to generate conversation among interested parties. If you would like to share my work or my records, please contact me: dkaysdays (at) gmail (dot) com.

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