Trying My Patience

Yesterday winter marched back in. The sky’s blue canvas was dotted with swift clouds hurrying to the next mountain. Winds have howled through needles and budding branches all night long. More snow is forecast for Friday night. Patience should be the name of this month.

Grandma Serena Had A Cat

This week's #family history challenge--What's Your Favorite Discovery--from Amy Johnson Crow's #52Ancestors52Weeks sparked a vivid memory. In mid-January 2009 I discovered first hand what our nation's capital is like in winter. Washington, D.C.'s humid air wraps your body in a vise; a cold breeze off the river increases its grip. I walked briskly from the … Continue reading Grandma Serena Had A Cat

In the big scheme of things

In the big scheme of things, I am just one person, one set of feet walking across the National Mall and into the National Gallery.  I am just one camera capturing light and shadow, positive space and negative line. However "only" I am, I do have a vision of a just and safe space for … Continue reading In the big scheme of things

Renewed Acquaintance

Monarch butterflies come through northeastern Pennsylvania every year, finding our cone flowers tempting way stations.  This year a specimen stayed focused on the nectar hunt long enough for me to snap dozens of photos from a variety of angles.  I like these three perspectives for the detail that I could observe and research. The first … Continue reading Renewed Acquaintance