River Rising

Down by the Susquehanna

The river has been low; for weeks rocky sandbars were welcoming hiking trails WITHIN the Susquehanna’s banks. Steady rains in the last two days have run off the highlands and mountains, and slowly the river bottom is being covered. Autumn grasses give cover to Mourning Doves seeking protection from the Cooper’s Hawk squint. And the mid-river marshlands hold fish and insects for migrating waterfowl and Great Blue Heron and the resident Bald Eagle pair, circling just beyond those trees, tiny specks to the unaided eye. The river is rising, again.

By the Dike

‘Twas a Dark and Stormy Night…

Animal.Dora.2015.29 Aug.1-EH Animal.Dora.2015.29 Aug.Hunter-EH

It was a dark and stormy night…

Well, it was dark.

And the five week old tuxedo kitten sat transfixed by my daughter’s headlights…in the middle of the downtown street.  A powerful cat-lady, this young woman scooped up the furry handful and brought her home. Even if the local rescue organizations had had room, this kitten could never leave our hearts. Now nine weeks old, Dora Simone is an inquisitive, acrobatic house-cat.

It Was That Hard



From driveway to birdbath in five minutes…the rain was THAT hard. 

Sun Catcher

Midsummer star-shine, caught in a green glove, is redistributed all sorts of critters.

Midsummer star-shine, caught in a green glove, is redistributed to all sorts of critters.

Nothing like a cone…of pollen

Beauty and the Bee

Beauty and the Bee

Pollen Dusted Wings

Pollen Dusted Wings

Fly-by on Cone Flower

Fly-by on Cone Flower