William Rowlett was born in Chesterfield County, Virginia 13 August 1755 and died in Mecklenburg County, Virginia 2 June 1839.  He married his first cousin, Mary Rowlett, about 1779.  William lived in Chesterfield County throughout the Revolutionary War, fighting 5-7 tours of duty.  He and Mary relocated to Mecklenburg County for about thirty years, and then returned to Chesterfield County for another 20 years. They had lots of kids: Sarah (Sallie) Coleman, Thompson, Peter,

Rebecca (Edwards) Short was married to William Rowlett 7 May 1825, in Chesterfield County, VA.  Sometime in the mid-1830’s Rebecca and William Rowlett moved back to Mecklenburg County, VA.  William Rowlett died   2 June 1839.

Sarah Jane Rowlett was born to Rebecca and William about 1826.  The land to which she and her parents moved in the 30’s was next to Oak View, the home of James H. Dodson.

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