A Raise in the South: Vintage Postcards

A road winding through the hilly farms of 1910 Greene County, Pennsylvania was likely to be pitted and ice pocked in late February. ┬áNevertheless, birthdays, particularly of beloved grandpas, required festive acknowledgements. ┬áThe Ruse family decided to let the mail do the travelling for Christopher's seventy-third birthday, and, via USPS, invited young and old to … Continue reading A Raise in the South: Vintage Postcards

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Cards 1910

My grandfather's postcard collection dates from 1906-1910, a wonderful glimpse into the life of small, turn-of-the-century boy. ┬áBut Donald C. Minor's cards also offer the simple pleasure of Christmas artwork, which I never tire of admiring. Two red-breasted songsters perch on a sprig of holly, which is decorated with a sprig of mistletoe and a … Continue reading (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Cards 1910