Memory Scraps

My "decluttering for the holidays" was stymied today by the discovery of scan-able scraps that directly pertain to my previous post.  And so, as is often the case with my reorganization efforts, I am at the keyboard rather than behind the vacuum. The photograph of James A. Corrigan was dated in the upper left corner--1912.  During this … Continue reading Memory Scraps

Vannoy Joy: 1911

Bedie Harrington Vannoy was the daughter of Sarah Minor Harrington McClure.  Born in Greene County, Pennsylvania around 1880, Beatrice "Bedie" married John Vannoy in the early part of the 20th century and moved with him to Iowa, where he was a minister.  Bedie kept close touch with her family back home, writing frequently, particularly to … Continue reading Vannoy Joy: 1911

I’m a Big Brother! : Ivan Vannoy circa 1911

  In 1911, Donald Minor's cousin, Bedie Harrington Vannoy, had her third child out in Iowa.  The little boy was eventually named Paul, and returned with siblings Ivan and Janet to visit their grandmother, Sarah Minor Harrington McClure, and their great-grandpa, Francis Marion Minor, with whom Donald lived while his father convalesced from migraines in … Continue reading I’m a Big Brother! : Ivan Vannoy circa 1911

Fairy Princess Anna Florette – Halloween c1911

This Fairy Princess is actually my grandmother, Anna Florette Sayles Strickland (1901-1981), dressed for her ninth or tenth Halloween celebration, or so I thought as a child.  Now I gaze at this photograph in awe of the craftsmanship and wonder who claimed the title of its seamstress? What was on the materials list? Was the … Continue reading Fairy Princess Anna Florette – Halloween c1911