Sunday’s Obituary: Amaziah (Amzi) Bradford

Through the generosity of fellow family historian, Doug Kreis, I have the following obituary for my great-great-grandfather, the fiddle-playing man of my grandmother's youth. Amaziah Bradford was the son of John R. and Hannah Geyer Bradford of Highland Township, Muskingum County, Ohio.  This life synopsis originally appeared in The Adamsville Register, Adamsville, Ohio. A. G. … Continue reading Sunday’s Obituary: Amaziah (Amzi) Bradford

Surname Saturday: Minor Details

This is the year, I thought, of the De-Clutter Project, as I surveyed each room's crammed shelves and drawers.  Impose a fifteen minute limit and voluntarily suffer a daily dose of sorting, storing and recycling, and by year's end I will have managed 5,475 minutes of life simplification.  Resolutely, I reached for that first stack … Continue reading Surname Saturday: Minor Details

HELP! I Need Somebody!: wordless wednesday

Help, I need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Help, you know I need someone, help! ~~the Beatles Found among my grandmother's treasures, this photograph presented a family mystery. Where is this taken? What oaths bound these men together?   Who is "2nd row, 3rd from right?" HELP! Clues emerged--just since the New Year--from my Kerma … Continue reading HELP! I Need Somebody!: wordless wednesday