Fall Color: What Was There All Along

Silently, steadily I waited for my passerine friends to return to their snacking, my seat becoming damp and chilled.  My neck ached and the lens wobbled, so I lowered my Nikon, fortunately. For in that unguarded moment my eye was caught by the imperceptible movement among the vines  beneath the siskin snack shop.  Stealthily I resumed my photographer’s yoga pose, a teeny-tiny path framed in my viewfinder. AH!  From the the oak leaf-blanketed vinca emerged a soft gray cylindrical body, with barely a trace of eye or ear.  This pink limbed critter has probably been living among the rocks at lawn’s edge all summer.  It is only now, as I notice all of fall’s colors, that my mole lends her colors to my landscape palette. 

Fall Color Invasions

Autumn heralds color changes; we all anticipate the breathtaking beauty of deciduous maples, oaks and aspen. If we are observant, we will also notice the rich colors birds sport after their fall molts.  Adding to the seasonal surprise is the variation in the birds visiting our lawns and feeders.  Here I captured my most recent irruption: Pine Siskins!


Fall Color Contest: Contestant Number 3

CONTESTANT NUMBER THREE: This year I noticed some spectacular color among the ever-green needles of the White Pines.  Interior shards of gold, the old needles clung in brilliant contrast to the forest colored new growth. Just days later the needles dropped, carpeting the ground in tawny pine tags.


Contestant Number One

Contestant Number Two

FALL Color Contest

Contestant Number Two

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The Seasons Turn : Photo Friday

Today is the first day of Fall 2011 and here in northeastern Pennsylvania it is reliably gray and damp.  A hint of color perked me up, though.  Grabbing my camera I raced to beat the torrential rain and captured these early signs of season’s turning.

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