The Night of Mary Corrigan Delehanty’s Birthday

My mother-in-law Mary told the story like this.

In 1919, Jim and Anna (Monahan) Corrigan lived with his mom, Mary Walker Corrigan, above his medical office in a double house on West Broad Street, Hazleton, Pennsylvania.  Anna went into labor on June 25, and that night Jim, a general practitioner specializing in obstetrics, delivered his own first born child.

While Mary tended to his wife, Jim cradled his infant daughter and headed to the only phone in the house, down in his office. After placing a few calls to announce his Mary Margaret’s arrival the euphoric father returned to Anna and Mary.

“Jim, where’s the baby?” asked his mother.

He turned on his heel, ran down the stairs and scooped Mary’s swaddled little body off the desk where he had absentmindedly set her while talking with his brothers.

Later James A Corrigan, MD recorded this delivery, as he  did every delivery, in a pocket-sized notebook, and checked off the entry when he officially recorded Mary’s birth with Pennsylvania Vital Statistics, Form No. 11.

Corrigan Medical Notebook

Corrigan State Birth Record
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These records were identified by Mary Corrigan Delehanty as belonging to her father, James Aloysius Corrigan, MD.



Vannoy Joy: 1911

Bedie Harrington Vannoy holding baby Paul, as yet unnamed at the time this photograph was taken in 1911.
Bedie Harrington Vannoy holding baby Paul, as yet unnamed at the time this photograph was taken in 1911.

Bedie Harrington Vannoy was the daughter of Sarah Minor Harrington McClure.  Born in Greene County, Pennsylvania around 1880, Beatrice “Bedie” married John Vannoy in the early part of the 20th century and moved with him to Iowa, where he was a minister.  Bedie kept close touch with her family back home, writing frequently, particularly to Donald Minor, her cousin, born in 1902.

As she had children, Bedie would write postcards to Donald and her grandfather, Francis Marion, who lived with Donald and his parents, Robert and May Minor.  This photograph was one such card, and reads:

Dear Grandpa, We are all well and enjoying a cool wave very much for it has been so awfle (sic) dry and hot here.  This is our new baby.  He has no name yet but weighs 16 lbs.  He is awfle (sic) good and we think him fine.  Janet and Ivon have grown so much this summer.  I hope you are well and enjoying life every day.  I often think of you.  Lovingly your Granddaughter Bedie

If you are a descendant of John and Bedie Vannoy and would like copies of the family portraits within my family archives, please contact me!

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