Life Unwinding: Ira Sayles 1891-1893

As fine crystals frosted the window panes of his Ithaca office that November 1891, the assistant paleontologist for the United States Geological Survey concentrated on the Devonian fossils arrayed before him. Ira Sayles--Darwin doubter, writer of meter and rhyme, observer of chipmunks and turkey vultures, thinker of deep thoughts--prepared the season's specimens under the supervision … Continue reading Life Unwinding: Ira Sayles 1891-1893

For the Love of a Dog: Wordless Wednesday

Once stored in a black-page scrapbook, this seventy year old photograph captures my father's smile, ever gentle and warm. ┬áNorman appears tickled by his pup's misbehavior. Or perhaps the teenager is amused by his dad's struggle to hold the wiggling black and sable shepherd. Even George Strickland seems to be stifling a smile as he … Continue reading For the Love of a Dog: Wordless Wednesday