Hallowe’en, When Fall Meets Winter

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Frost on Dock

Frost on the Dock

Hallowe'en Hills

Hallowe’en Hills

Hallowe'en Sunrise

Sun’s Up on Hallowe’en


First Frost 15

The trail crunched under my boots. The maples, in particular, are shedding their amber, garnet, and topaz leaves. Occasionally the sun slid out to highlight the night’s gift–the first crystals of fall. Frosted, marsh grasses and shrubs glistened, a beautiful reminder of winter’s approach.

Frosted Grass

First Marsh Frost.1

Fall Colors Podcast

Frosted Lupine Seed Pods, Pennsylvania meadow

Frosted Lupine Seed Pods, Pennsylvania meadow

By Dawn’s Early Light

Stemswear crystalJack Frost Visit


Dawn revealed the beautiful crystal, gifts of a winter night –