Rebecca Eulelia Dodson Sayles: Sunday’s Obituary

Born on 15 August 1856 in Regiment 22 of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Lillie Dodson was one of ten children:  Greene, Virginia, Harvey, Henry, Dora, Molly, Adlaide, Rebecca Eulelia (Lillie), Edward, and William Rowlett (Bud).  Her parents, James H. and Sarah Jane Rowlett Dodson, farmed land just off the Boydton Road south of The City. Mr. … Continue reading Rebecca Eulelia Dodson Sayles: Sunday’s Obituary

Advent Calendar: The Christmas Tree

Remember icicles?   Not the ones dripping from the front porch eave but those magical, petroleum-based wonders wrapped around 8"x12" cardboard.  After the lights were twined round the freshly cut tree and the ornaments were carefully hung, these thin slivers of silver were flung with little finger glee.  The tree shimmered!

George Strickland, Age Five

I celebrated my fifth birthday with a dinner of mashed potatoes and peas, shared with my friend Lewis B, from Virginia Heights Baptist Church.   A grand occasion to celebrate the full five fingers I could wave whenever someone asked how old I was. George R. Strickland celebrated the five finger salute in September of … Continue reading George Strickland, Age Five

Oxford Orphan Asylum: An application of George R Strickland, 1897

We had always understood that Granddaddy Strickland had been admitted to the Masonic Oxford Orphanage because his daddy was a Mason. As I reread the Oxford documents and surfed the 'net I could find no reason to believe that was accurate. In fact the Mason signing the letter of recommendation was a William F. May, … Continue reading Oxford Orphan Asylum: An application of George R Strickland, 1897