Military Monday: The Dodsons of Company B

This post is the next in a series about the Civil War service of William Greene Dodson, detailed in A Mom's Goodbye, The Cruel War Is Raging and The Cruel War Is Raging, Johnny Has To Fight. Muster cards--concise who-what-when story lines. I LOVE these mines of family history. My current extraction comes from the … Continue reading Military Monday: The Dodsons of Company B

The Cruel War Is Raging

In my last post, A Mom's Goodbye, I began the story of Greene Dodson and his home-leaving to join the Army of the Confederate States of America. ┬áToday I continue building proofs which document my family's lore. All sorts of paper have been saved by our federal, state and local governments, and while I may … Continue reading The Cruel War Is Raging