Hallowe’en, When Fall Meets Winter

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Frost on Dock

Frost on the Dock

Hallowe'en Hills

Hallowe’en Hills

Hallowe'en Sunrise

Sun’s Up on Hallowe’en

Hidden Faces


I trapped time with a lens, and caught a tree dressed like a Halloween pumpkin.

Fairy Princess Anna Florette – Halloween c1911

This Fairy Princess is actually my grandmother, Anna Florette Sayles Strickland (1901-1981), dressed for her ninth or tenth Halloween celebration, or so I thought as a child.  Now I gaze at this photograph in awe of the craftsmanship and wonder who claimed the title of its seamstress? What was on the materials list? Was the character taken from a storybook, and if so, which one?  And why was a formal portrait taken of my favorite fairy princess?