Madness Monday: What Happened to Christopher Sherman Sayles?

Christopher Sherman Sayles was welcomed into the village of Alfred Station, New York sometime during 1862, the year his father, Ira B. Sayles, enlisted in the 130th Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry of the Union Army. ┬áThis youngest child of Ira and wife, Serena White Sayles, was named for his paternal grandfather, Christopher Sayles. Sherman … Continue reading Madness Monday: What Happened to Christopher Sherman Sayles?

Serena’s Lament

Great-great-grandparents Serena and Ira Sayles were married in April of 1845, in Alfred, New York, but spent much of their lives from 1862 until 1894 separated by the demands of a post-war nation. Throughout their marriage Ira was an amateur geologist, and his last decade was spent traveling up and down the east coast for … Continue reading Serena’s Lament

The Chase (City): Part Four

This is the fourth post from a series originally published a year ago on blogspot, dkaysdays. The next step to receiving a pension required Ira Sayles to submit to an exam by government approved doctors, a Surgeon's Board. The report of October 5, 1892 indicates that Ira was seen by two of its three members … Continue reading The Chase (City): Part Four

The Chase (City): Part Three

Part three in a post originally published a year ago on blogspot, dkaysdays. I imagine R.R. Gurley, face marked with concern, sitting by Ira's bed as he recuperated from heat prostration in August 1892. What are you going to do? How will you take care of yourself? Have you thought about applying for a soldier's … Continue reading The Chase (City): Part Three

The Chase (City): Part Two

Part II, from a year-old post originally shared on my blogspot, dkaysdays. This then is the story of how Ira T. Sayles finally came to reside permanently in Chase City, Virginia. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY WASHINGTON, DC Feb. 27, 1892 Mr. C.D.Sayles, Chase City, Va. Dear Sir: Am just in receipt … Continue reading The Chase (City): Part Two