Random Thoughts

Here He Comes To Save the Day!–52 weeks of personal genealogy and history


SATURDAY morning.

The one time in the week when my brothers and I were allowed–no–encouraged to watch television.  Cats were outsmarted by quick thinking rodents,  evil-doers were thwarted by moose and squirrels, and the world was made safer by flying mice. I would sit enthralled for hours, snug in my footed, knit pajamas.

One morning I plunked into my chair, tucked my legs under me, and assumed the position requisite to singing the next cartoon’s theme song.  As I belted out “HERE he comes to save the day!”,  I started to my feet!  “I can read that!”

“Mommy! I can READ THAT!  It said Mighty Mouse!!!! ”

What a memory.  What a mouse.



[Thanks to Amy Coffin at We Tree Genealogy Blog for the prod to record my childhood memories with the 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History weekly prompts.  This week we consider our favorite radio and television programs.]