A Positive Negative

I love technology. I love scanners, and computers, and on-line software, and blogs, and pack rat ancestors. Oh, they are not technology. BUT I get to peek into their lives BECAUSE they were pack rats and I have technology. Within a brown envelope of the Roanoke Photo Finishing Company, Roanoke, Virginia (just opposite the Post … Continue reading A Positive Negative

When Negatives Are A Positive

People may call me a hoarder, a sentimentalist, a pack rat. But I prefer to think of myself as a Keeper of the Lore, continuing the work of my brilliant ancestors who kept receipts, photographs, letters, cards, documents, books, and negatives.   YES, NEGATIVES ARE A POSITIVE Today, I felt like fossicking through my closet  family archives, and … Continue reading When Negatives Are A Positive