Sing A Song for Christmas!

A Merry Christmas!  I am so pleased to find among my collection a fine example of a glittered embossed postcard by P. Sander Company.  Oh, how I wish I knew the ins and outs of scanning to capture three dimensions, for the publishers of this era worked hard to enhance their cards, simply and cheaply, … Continue reading Sing A Song for Christmas!

My Fair Lady Wishes You A Happy Christmas!

This fair lady sends greetings for a Happy Christmas. Seven year old Donald C. Minor received this card at Christmastime 1909, and though the painting is not signed, I believe it to be another Ellen H. Clapsaddle card.  Why? An embossed frame of gold holds the portrait of a sweet young lady, hair swept stylishly up … Continue reading My Fair Lady Wishes You A Happy Christmas!

A Joyous Christmastide – Christmas in Postcards

Dear Cousin Dear Cousin, We arrived home safe and it has been winter ever since.  Old Santa is coming to our church Friday eve. and we are anxious to see him. Come out and see us and we will take a sleighride. ~Ivan Vannroy A happy Christmas "meow" to you! The lightly embossed kittens send … Continue reading A Joyous Christmastide – Christmas in Postcards

Surname Saturday: R + Umlaut O + H + RIG = Roahrig

In my research of Kathryn Roahrig Bradford's family, I came across 8 different spellings which indicated to me that this foreign name included a vowel alien to the English language.  On one side journey I inspected a naturalization document which included the applicant's signature. " AHA!" I thought.  There is a German vowel: the umlaut … Continue reading Surname Saturday: R + Umlaut O + H + RIG = Roahrig

Surname Saturday: Roahrig the Immigrant

Let's Start at the Very Beginning My great-grandmother Kathryn Bradford lived 107 years, long enough to hold my baby girl in her lap for a five generation portrait. I remember childhood visits to Coshocton, Ohio,  where Grandma Katie lived with her son Carlos and his wife Betty.  She seemed incredibly old even then, at a mere … Continue reading Surname Saturday: Roahrig the Immigrant