Reassembling the Past

Cousinly Review Prompts a Re-view (updated 27 August 2014)Shortly after posting this piece, I received an email from reader and cousin, Linda Bell. My colleague strongly suspected that the face was familiar, not just family-like, as if she had seen the photograph before.  Perhaps, Linda suggested, this face appears in Bates' History of Greene County, Pennsylvania (©1888) … Continue reading Reassembling the Past

Womenfolk I Know

Ah! Another page of familiar faces. This woman's stare...I have seen it somewhere. The eyebrows are a horizontal accent to an intense gaze. The mouth is held in a slight frown and she has that Minor Roman nose.  Who does this woman remind me of? Sarah Minor, that's who!  My great-grandfather's sister. The story here … Continue reading Womenfolk I Know

The Story Lies In His Hand

Page Five of The MINOR FAMILY ALBUM How good it is to see familiar faces!! The fifth page frames a young couple's portrait, carefully staged to tell the story of a momentous autumn day. Robert Minor had just taken May Stevenson's hand in marriage. The twenty-three year old groom was dressed in well-tailored pin-striped pants worn with a frock coat … Continue reading The Story Lies In His Hand

The Minor Family Album: Mr. Chin Whiskers

  When I first became curator of the Minor Family Album, I moved swiftly to identify this man, the first face to appear in the album. I was soooo certain of my clues and my analysis. This whiskered gent is the first photograph displayed in a Minor Family album created in the latter part of the 19th … Continue reading The Minor Family Album: Mr. Chin Whiskers

I’m a Big Boy: Donald Corbly Minor circa 1905

Donald was the youngest of the youngest, born in 1902 to a family of Minors that spread through the hills of Greene County, Pennsylvania.  The dark-haired toddler had a teenage sister, Helen, and cousins all busy with their high school work or farm chores or wedding plans. His father, Robert, was the youngest by ten … Continue reading I’m a Big Boy: Donald Corbly Minor circa 1905