Winter Sprigs Spread Christmas Cheer!


“Hello, Donald,” says the a mysterious W.T.G.  “Hope Santa will be kind to you.”  This beautiful card was sent to eight year old Donald C. Minor of Carmichaels, Pennyslvania from a relative or friend in Uniontown, Fayette County, Pennsylvania on December 22, 1910.  It’s a very simple card, with a silver background highlighting the embossed sprigs of holly and mistletoe, Victorian symbols of domestic happiness and affection.  Wishing everyone a simple, happy Christmas holiday!


Christmas For The Birds

Born in Greene County, Pennsylvania in 1902, Donald was the youngest son, youngest grandson and youngest cousin of the Francis Marion and Mary Jane Gwynn Minor clan.  His parents, Robert and May Stephenson Minor, sent cards from their travels; his older sister, Helen, sent cards while she was attending school in nearby Waynesburg; aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends sent photocards and holiday greetings from all over the United States with great regularity.  The resulting Postcard Collection is both a family puzzle and a cultural window to the world of Donald Minor during the first decade of the twentieth century.  Today’s card comes from the Christmas Collection.

These American Robins are perched in a shrub, heads turned to some sound – perhaps someone is throwing out a pan of bread crumbs.  Helen Minor, age 17, sent this flock to her eight year old brother, Donald, in 1910.

Dear Brother, How many sleigh rides have you had? Do you slide down hill and skate at school?  I am busy getting read (sic) for examinations now.  Will be through next Wednesday at noon.  So will be home Wed. evening if nothing happens.  

Loving, Helen

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Astride My Horse, I Send You Christmas Greetings!

My mother recently recalled that her grandmother, May Laura Stephenson Minor, had been a great one to write; folks loved receiving her cards.  Her son, Donald C. Minor, was just a young boy when relatives and friends started sending their seasonal greetings, which were collected and carefully stored – probably by his card-loving mom.

Ethel of Morgantown, West Virginia, sent Donald this happy Christmas Greeting. The smiling girl sits astride her stick horse which is all decked out with sleigh bells; a ball and a book lie on the ground behind her.

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Dear Donald, I want Santy to bring you lots of pretty things. I hope your mama is better so you can all have a Merry Xmas.  Ethel



Old Saint Nick Sends Christmas Greetings

Donald C. Minor of Greene County, Pennsylvania received this Old World Christmas card from his cousin, Carl Minor, when he was just a small boy, about 1907.

Saint Nick is depicted carrying a sack filled with black horses, a billy goat, a doll, a drum, a sword and a book.  The picture is hung from a sprig of mistletoe, with bells pealing below.

Hello Donald I suppose you are looking for this old fellow. Come down to our Christmas Tree on Xmas Eve.  Carl

With Best Wishes for Christmas!

Twenty-five days until Christmas! 

 No postmark exists to date this lovely card, but it was found among my grandfather’s postcards, collected between the years 1906-1910, when Donald C. Minor was just a small boy in Greene County, Pennsylvania. This beautiful specimen from the International Publishing Company was printed in Germany in that time-frame.  I love the way artists of this era gave dimension to a small, penny card. The holly leaves and berries are embossed; the pealing church bells are embossed and painted a shimmering gold; the frame is heavily embossed and painted with the same shimmer. Inside that circle of gold are more symbols of comfort and joy – a windmill with its soothing rhythm and a drifting white feather with its promise of an angel’s care.

With Best Wishes for a great Christmas season!

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