Grandma Serena Had A Cat

This week's #family history challenge--What's Your Favorite Discovery--from Amy Johnson Crow's #52Ancestors52Weeks sparked a vivid memory. In mid-January 2009 I discovered first hand what our nation's capital is like in winter. Washington, D.C.'s humid air wraps your body in a vise; a cold breeze off the river increases its grip. I walked briskly from the … Continue reading Grandma Serena Had A Cat

What I Have To Say

Folks: Take a woman friend to lunch. Buy her flowers. Stop by with a prepared meal. Surprise her with a call or a card. Damn...We are tired, tired of being angry. And exhausted by the memories that incessant reports dredge up. And some of us have to navigate hyper-vigilance, dissociative numbing, and depression of PTSD. … Continue reading What I Have To Say