Random Thoughts

I’m Trying Something New

A couple of weeks ago I opened this site, determined to see it with a new reader’s eyes, like someone exploring my rabbit hole of a blog for family connections or genealogy tips.

I clicked the search box and got a “drop down” box OVER my header’s menu.

UGH. THAT IS NOT HELPFUL. I couldn’t see what I was typing, and neither could any of y’all if you’ve tried.

This problem, I discovered, was baked into the WordPress theme I have used for the past few years, Libretto. Time to re-evaluate and try something new.

For the heck of it, I checked out Blogger, a Google blogging platform that I tried WAY back when. I remain unimpressed with the templates. I quickly moved on to review the pros and cons of and, which confirmed my aversion to self-hosting a blog. That circled me back to choosing among the free themes that fully complement the Gutenberg Block Editor and my final choice must have a REAL drop down search box in the header.

After a bit of dithering, I activated the Twenty-Twenty theme yesterday, tweaked the header menu a bit, and committed to using this format for the next month or two. If I can keep calm–controlling the perfectionist within–I hope to maximize the new theme, delivering content that is intriguing, fun, inspiring.

And also engaging with ever more readers. There’s so much history in our families worth exploring, together.

Wedding Reception of Norman and Marilyn Minor Strickland, Minor Home Farm, 13 June 1953. Marilyn Minor Strickland Collection. D Kay Strickland Family History Library.