Well…that didn’t work

A few weeks ago I proclaimed that deadlines were my friend. Every day was a potential deadline. Stories would simply rise to the surface of my consciousness, like well watered seeds sprouting above composted leaves. Clearly that didn't work. Deadlines are horrible friends and daily deadlines just lead to dead lines. Words are stuck in my drafts … Continue reading Well…that didn’t work

Memory Scraps

My "decluttering for the holidays" was stymied today by the discovery of scan-able scraps that directly pertain to my previous post.  And so, as is often the case with my reorganization efforts, I am at the keyboard rather than behind the vacuum. The photograph of James A. Corrigan was dated in the upper left corner--1912.  During this … Continue reading Memory Scraps

Wisdom Wednesday: 100>99

Within the last week I read an article about commitment, or rather keeping a commitment.  In sum, the author stated that it is easier to practice your craft or hone your skill, develop new habits and deepen your spiritual practice if you commit 100%.  No creeping "well, just this once I won't take my binoculars" or … Continue reading Wisdom Wednesday: 100>99

Ready! Set! NO!!!!: Family History Writing Challenge

 TWENTY-TWO HOURS UNTIL YOU CONFRONT THE BLANK PAGE! My countdown calendar fairly shouts at me.  My brain feels like a tangled, sticky mess of dates, lists, register reports, and story ideas.  I have dutifully completed the interactive tutorial with Scrivener, a wonderful writers-specific word processor, and entered an outline for my project, Reconstructing Ira Sayles.  The thought … Continue reading Ready! Set! NO!!!!: Family History Writing Challenge