Sometimes I wonder what drives me to recover the lost facts, uncover the tales hidden by unidentified eyes.  This story, the recovery of a life lost, speaks to that urgency, that insatiable hunger to know yourself by recognizing an ancestor.  Such a powerful telling of one personal history. 

Worth Reading!

Power At The Wheel : 52 Weeks of Personal Family History


The prompt from Amy Coffin at WeTree Genealogy read, “Week 8: Technology. What are some of the technological advances that happened during your childhood? What types of technology do you enjoy using today, and which do you avoid?”

Aha!  A clear vision of that first “kid” car appeared in my mind–our three on the tree, two-door,  blue/purple Ford Falcon, stuffed with friends.  The technological advance #1: the production process that resulted in the automobile being soooo affordable that average families could have two cars, one for mom and one for dad–and one or the other was shared with teenage drivers!

Our stick-shift wonder was my key to teen freedom, and, though I complained vehemently about the window that fell down each time a friend slammed the door shut, I loved it.  Plus I didn’t need to think about a gym membership.  Steering was a full upper body workout, for without the next most important technological advance ever–power steering– maneuvering a couple thousand pounds of steel was pretty darn hard work.

I cannot imagine doing without power steering now, but when I was growing up only high end cars had that option, and we were definitely middle of the road middle class.  But I was terribly proud to be on the road, at all!